About the Australia India Credit Transfer Database

Welcome to the Australia India Credit Transfer Database - designed for Indian and Australian college and university students to discover which programs and subjects they can undertake overseas (in Australia or India) that should give them credit in their home country.

The aim of this initiative is to increase two-way student mobility between Australia and India by increasing awareness of existing credit transfer arrangements.

At the inaugural Australia India Education Council (AIEC) meeting in New Delhi on 1 August 2011, enhancing student mobility was identified as a key priority area for the Council. Consequently, this project to develop a database of credit arrangements in place between Indian and Australian universities was initiated.

More information on the AIEC is available at http://www.australiaindiaeducation.com/about-aiec.html

For Institutions

To add or update credit transfer data please send an email to admin@australiaindiacredittransfer.org


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